Tuesday, May 26, 2009

MK Restaurant & Bistro

the interior of MK Rest.& Bistro
-open kitchen concept

american chocolate cake RM 6.90
taste : 2/5 .. not worth buying it

fish and chip RM 9.90
served with dark sauce =(
taste : 2/5

nasi ayam panggang RM 10.90
the chicken was not fresh
taste : 3/5

the eaters
rate : 5/5 (cute-cute isn't it? hahaha)

MK Restaurant & Bistro is located at Batu Pahat Mall, nearby the left side entrance. My friend was craving for western food and since this is the first restaurant that we passed by, so we just went inside and choosed these seats. The prices of the menus were quite expensive but the taste was =( .. with these price, better you go and eat at Uptown Damansara, if you're sooooo craving for western food (hahahhaha..so far from Batu Pahat). I've been staying in JB since early 2009 and then move to Batu Pahat, nobody had recommended me the best place to eat western food (excluding hotels) . It must be because of the market demands.


Mr5zal said...

wow,what a great blog u have. keep it up. but as ur mentor i would say u are degil. cepat review tempat makan hampeh!!!!!!!haha..

linda khalid said...

nih salah satu tempat makan hampeh lah nih..kan rating sket2 jer tuh..huhhuhu