Wednesday, May 20, 2009

build-a-lot 3 - Passport to Europe

have u ever played this game? I just tried this game about 2 months ago.. This game requires to fulfill the mission in order to manage your neighbourhood. U need to control all the buildings for this area such like
  • plan what to build
  • what building to demolish
  • inspect and repair the buildings
  • painting and upgrading your houses
  • hire workers
  • ensure enough materials for buildings and repairing
  • good planning on how to let your neighborhood area become fun and attractive (build place of interests)
  • make sure all the neighbors are happy living beside each others
I've stucked at level 39 for weeks and then, I browsed related websites wishing that I could find some cheats code, however there were some players suggested to follow their steps to complete this level, and then =))))), i've made it..

try this game on your pc/laptop, but do not try within your neighborhood areas..u'll be dead, then..


nurules said...

ape bende la ko nih.....aku x nk main game nih.....lalalalala

linda khalid said...

nantih aku post lagih review game yang baik punyer.. mesti ko suke...tunggu...