Tuesday, May 19, 2009

fuuhhhh.. first time?

couldn't believe that i've created this blog a long,long time ago..(couldn't remember when) and never posted any entry..haha..'the art of sewing'? hmm can i change the title to 'anything i like'? erkk..how to change ek? hmm, need to study more about blogging nih..

what's the main purpose of blogging ha? for me, i just want to share my interests with u, readers..

i love to sew (1) , eating at unique places (2), andddd..... of course playing pc games (3)

erkk..warning!! my english is not too good.. so, if there's any grammatical mistakes, just avoid keeping ur mouth wide open, relax and ermm.. u're only allow to 'vibrate laughing without sound'.. ok kan?


nurules said...

yeah...akhirnye aku jmpe bdk stj yg ade blog.....br best.....ko nih cikgu ke tukang jahit

Mr5zal said...

first of all, i would like to congratulate you for your very 1st posting. it is obviously great!

anyway, i am really appreciate your contribution on my blog project. many thanks.