Thursday, May 21, 2009


from the view of gigirls, for the info. to the boboys..

how u define scandal?
for me & my fellow friends, scandal means the other person that someone loves, besides her boyfriend.

why this things happened?
according to Experiencers et al. , scandal takes place when
  • the girlfriend got little attention from her boyfriend --> boyfriend is so busy studying/working, got no time to 'kring kring' her, to sms and even to have a cup of tea at any nearer mamak stalls or kopitiam..
  • long distance love (PJJ) --> the girlfriend is a type of lady that always want to be by her boyfriend's side..when they are far apart, the girlfriend feels so lonely
  • the boyfriend has lack of loving and caring skills --> the girlfriend hungers for cares and loves, and when she found someone else who can showers her with what she needs (including money, maybe?).................................
  • the boyfriend is not her taste --> at the early part of being gf and bf, she thought he is the one..after few months/years, she changed her mind
  • the boyfriend has another girlfriend --> it is one type of revenge..the girl said "u can do it, i also can do it 10 times than u"
from my point of view,
scandal is not good for ur health and life.. It will become worst and terrible when u treat these 2 persons with same treatment (what treatment? haaa)

Be fair and be square. If u love him, love him as he is.. if u love another person, u need to choose between these 2 options..

do not make ur life hocus pocus, escaping as well as hiding here and there, and at the end of the story, u still have to choose only ONE..

always remember "what u give, u'll get back" ..

good luck to all of u guys, may ur relationship will last forever.. =)


ghombau said...

what u give u get back ehhh...

Anonymous said...


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