Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Diamond Makes Ur Dress Brighter and Happier!

Look here, guys.. this is my dinner dress (my last annual dinner with PTPL College, Shah Alam) that I've sewed some diamonds and beads on it..All these diamonds, I've bought from a flower shop @ sec.18 Shah Alam nearby mydin mart..

I remembered once when i was still studying in UiTM Shah Alam, we were so excited to attend our Malam Pra Graduan (MPG) dinner that was held during our final semester (that was the first and last MPG dinner that we've attended).. everybody was looking for the greatest dress and strive very hard to wear the most attractive dress on that nite..

As usual, I sewed my own dress and I wish that I could sew some diamonds at the bottom of the dress, however, because there was no time, I just put some glue on it .. UHU glue..hahaha.. and I warned all my friends to stop their fingers from picking and plucking my diamonds...however...people never listened...


mizzmizza said...

selekeh duh... bleh pakai gam uhu plak.. so baju ko kene dry clean je la ke?

linda khalid said...

ha ah..RM 12 hengget antor dry clean kat sek.7 nun..