Friday, November 4, 2011

phewww, 2 years no blogging!

it has been about 2 years! these are the reasons why i discontinue writing :
* no time to blog
* so bz with life n work
* unreliable internet connection

till then ;-)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Korban Gunting Kain Ku

Inilah jari manis ku.. ngeri tak? ngeri tak?

Lesson : beware with the fabric scissors.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Encik Rama & Encik Aidil

I've got quite a lot of 'tempahan baju kurung moden with fluffy hands' from my utm's friends.

It's different from last year, which my officemate @ PTPL shah alam kept me suffering with their requests. I was sewing like hell, and being the last person balik kampung.

This year, I managed to plan my schedule.. Haha! I've stopped taking the order 2 weeks before the date that I've planned to go back home.. although the income was not as much as last year, I still felt so satisfied since all my customers were satisfied with my work , and the most happiest thing is, i'm the FIRST PERSON who 'balik kampung' this year..hahaha.. sejarah takkan mungkin berulang, ok!

We were all wearing in purple on the 1st of Syawal and the feel for Hari Raya is quite different compared to last year.

why? hehe..
on the 6th day of Syawal, I was turned to 26! ( haiiyaaa, feel like only yesterday I celebrated my 2oth birthday with my friends at Seroja)

My beloved mom and angah prepared a special menu for us on that day. My wink-wink also came with a chocolate cake prepared by his mom. Thank you everybody (including to those who were still remembered my birthday)! Love u all so much!

* flashing face

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri & Maaf Zahir Batin

* tempahan baju dibuka semula pada bulan November & Disember. Oktober- REHAT.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

no time to online..

2 months to go.. to complete this course.. to have a long break (yahoooo!)..

but got no time to online... sooooooo bz with projects, programmes, researches.. huwaaa =(

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

my broken handphone

huwaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... my handphone died already..
i've bought it in June 2007 and after 2 years, here it goes..
I've snapped this picture using my new low cost handphone
(since there is actually no budget for handphone)

so, my friends, my students, I've lost all ur phone numbers.
They are inside that dead body of W850i.
Please update me with ur phone number.
Sorry for this inconvenient situation.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

me @ their blogs

hah, so surprised when I browsed one of these girls' blog,
I read my name..
she wrote about me, hah.. written in chinese language..
errrkkk.. lucky, i have jue and inoq to translate them for me, and also
'free online translator'..hihi
when I explored & explored, there were few more.. fuhh..
"sorry girls, teacher read ur blogs without permission, hehe" ..
hmm, i'll be missing them very much and really appreciate all the good wishes from all of them..
hope to see them again =(
*Au Hwi Ni -
cool, obedient and always shows respect
so quiet and never give problems to me during class, lucky to have this girl in my class
*Neo Wan Qing - quiet , humble and soft spoken
really enjoyed working together with this girl on her KH project, love to see her efforts!
(ooo, ngumpat pasal teacher eh, wan qing, ;-)..)
*Rachel Lee - love to smile , smart and obedient
she's always make me waiting when I asked her question, "teacher talked so fast ha?" she needed time to understand me, maybe..=)
* Yong Jun - playful , funny and naughty
she's enjoying her age very much =) ..
put me in danger if she combined her 'naughty skills' with Jun Fang.. haha
*Jia Min - obedient , very warm and always smiling
so friendly , and always make me comfortable when I with her =)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

practical training @ TIGS

fuuhhh.. time moved so fast, as I kept counting the days, here I am at 01082009..just completed my practical training yesterday at Temenggong Ibrahim Girls School, Batu Pahat.

3 months I've been at TIGS, sign in at 7.00am (sometimes late,hahha), sign out at about 3.00pm, from Monday to Friday.

Of course, I've learned a lot. Uncountable memories will I keep in my mind, without fail.

Let me share some with u, readers :
1. I've experienced by myself on how the school keep struggling to maintain the reputation of this school as one of the smart school in Malaysia

2. I've learned a lot on electronic and invention (Kemahiran Hidup)

3. I've confronted with the situation where 'bias' were everywhere

4. I've learned to deal with the students from different level (cemerlang,sederhana,lemah)

5. I've learned how to pronounce the chinese students names - wan
qing, wen qing, jia xin, and many more (it's interesting!)

6. AND the best part is, studying the various behaviours of these 14 years old girls.
They are sweet, sensitive, pampered, showing anger whenever they want =). It is fun to share these feelings with them, to watch them being happy and sometimes mourn.

Hope all of them are doing good in their studies and be a successful woman in the future. Insya-Allah