Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mee Racun Batu Pahat

the banner - creepy isn't it?

When? : Saturday 23/5/2009 - 8.30 pm ,
location? : Batu Pahat, somewhere behind Carrefour
Purpose : starving stomach looking for something delicious to eat .. and 'cheap'

here we go - MEE RACUN
it is highly recommended by the local people. (teachers @ school and my students)
taste : 4/5 price : rm3.50

the taste is slightly like mee bandung because it got scramble egg, potato, fried tofu and a piece of meat..however it got different taste which i think that the method of cooking is the reason that this mee racun is so different than the others.. next time, i'll take my friends of chef to here, they definitely will help me to discover..=)

me & kak ros


mizzmizza said...

so kecik ati when u r not mention to bring your family to have a taste of that mee rachun ..
makan2 lah byk2 kat BP tu.. krg muke ko macam org jawa.. kakakakak..

linda khalid said...

heh..tak kenyang pon...korang kan makan byk..kang mengamuk aku bawak makan tempat tak kenyang