Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Farm Town @ Facebook

this is my farm..for larger view, please click on 'visit her farm' at my facebook's wall

i'm searching for harvesting job at marketplace

how to play this game?
You need to have a facebook account and then, you can browse for this game.
This game requires you to build a farm which you can plant seeds, trees, adopts animals, build homes for you and the animals.
By the way, in order to get all these things inside your farm, you need to have enough coins, which you can earn it by working at the other players' farms. You need to search for any jobs at marketplace and your job is just harvesting

why this game is interesting?
because you can chat with your friends like having a conference.
You can get to know other peoples from other countries, besides you can visit their farms and discover how the other players manage their farms.
you can hire people as well, and add them as your buddies , which you can always keep in touch with them. =)

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mizzmizza said...

nilah activity engko.. petik anggur, bela ayam, bela kambing.. nanti sok2 dah kawen sonang.. amik kek kobon ko yo.. xyah boli2 doh.....