Wednesday, June 10, 2009

english usage in T&L process@school

i totally DO NOT agree with the implementation of English usage in teaching & learning process at school, especially for science and maths in primary school.

YES! it can be implements but not now.. many parties have to be given mental awake for this matter, especially parents.

English has to be practices at home.
The children needs to be expose with English, since they get to know the world. It doesn't matter how much your pour them with English words as long as they know the basics. So, they'll have the view of how important is English for their lives. And when they learn Bahasa Inggeris for the first time at school, they will not be far away left behind, from the other students who already learned speaking english with their parents at home.

I have the experiences teaching in two different tuition centres at Shah Alam for this 2 critical subjects. I realized that Tuition A got potential students which the students came from the background of families, which their parents are teachers, lecturers and doctors. Of course, English words are very common to this level of students.

However, Tuition B got some poor students which I felt so =( when I listened to their pronounciation of English and they gave me a lot of works to do in order to get them knew every little words in the exercise books...I remembered, there was a standard 5 student, named Afiq. He didn't even know a word from the maths book. How can he settled the mathematics problems if he didn't know the definitions of the English words.

Every class, I sit beside him, and I gave extra attention to him since he will stopped writing when i didn't put my eyes at his pencil. And I knew this student came from a family who not practice english at home. I've got clueless feelings to Afiq. So, many questions pop out in my mind. How will this boy pass his UPSR? How did he settles his maths and science before? How will he manages his secondary school subjects afterwards? At the age of 11, he needs to cover so many english words and wrapped them in his mind, before he sits for UPSR, do you think he can do it? I'm sure he'll get stressessssss..

Helps your sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, cousins to be close to english.. Practice speak English while they are at home. Make them comfortable with the language and I'm sure this implementation of english usage in teaching and learning process at school will be successful with the cooperations from all parties.

Good luck to my ex-students - Armada Ilmu & Visi Terbilang, Section 7, Shah Alam.

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mizzmizza said...

i remembered u saying, being a teacher u'll have one kind of feeling i.e u'll be worried of the future of your students.. tht's very horrorable..