Sunday, June 7, 2009

Stizzer Western Food @ Damansara Uptown

the stall

Lamb Chop RM12.00
taste : 5/5 , marvellous!

Have you been to Damansara Uptown Hawker Centre? It is located at Jalan SS21/39, Petaling Jaya. There are varieties of food that you can see and make your own choices. I've been there several times and I love to try the western foods because the price is cheap, comes with big portion. Usually, we've been to Steven's Western Corner since this was the first restaurant recommended by my sis, Mizzmizza. However, on one 'humpty dumpty hungry' night, we've came here again, but Steven's Western Corner was closed, so we just searching other stalls that served western food. Finally, we came to Stizzer Western Food and we have our first try here and .... we went back home, smiling..=)

This was the second time i've been here, which I've decided to take this pictures and post them in my blog. Why? Because, I, as well as my friend were so satisfied with these 2 visits. The service was very quick, the portion was big, the main item and sauce are still hot (although it was not sizzling) and of course, cheap! If you want to have chicken chop, it just costed you RM8.00 and the chicken was breaded finely and you'll have the crunchy bites everytime the chicken was in your mouth.

You will never ask for extra sauce, since they poured enough sauce on the item..

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