Friday, July 24, 2009

stress management @ TIGS

Yeah..we’ve conducted a study skills workshop for the form 2 students at TIGS.. with this workshop, we’ve completed one of the requirements that had been set by the faculty as well as the ministry, for us, the DPLI students.

I’ve been given responsibilities to give a talk regarding stress management, and within limited talking times, I managed to give the students few techniques on how to handle stress.

1. Keep in silence for a while

2. Laugh out loud

3. Take a break, have a walk, stretch urself

4. Imagine sweet things that has ever happened to u

5. Think positive

At my own side, I do not deny that me, myself regularly get stresses, with everything around me. I’ve learned from someone, to be calm, we should motivate ourselves, remember Allah. All the challenges that we have to go through just to make us get prepare to encounter the future world that nobody know how will it be..

"if i'm not doing, i will not learning"

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Unknown said...

I found several stress management tips, techniques and suggestions every where. But in my personal experience I feel that everyone should need a self motivation and some little support to beat stress initially. One should develop good habits which gives positive energy to fight against stress.