Wednesday, July 1, 2009

'kerja kayu' project @ TIGS

from B.Sc (Hons) Hotel Management to Kemahiran Hidup..
looks like these 2 areas are very close related, but the reality is...there are a lot of new things to learn and catch up within one year..

last time, i had conducted several electronic classes which made me feels like a walking reference book, just because i memorized every single things about electronic without having a chance to try and applied it by my own

now, here i am, a new born carpenter at Temenggong Ibrahim Girl School, Batu Pahat.. a project of 'kerja kayu' that needs to be settle before I complete my practical training by end of this July.

The project title is : Multipurpose Box

here is my sketching, which i've absorbed IT & technology into idea could not expand when using pencil..haha..wait until this sketch become reality..


wkamal2 said...

tu la gatai sangat nk jadi cekgu sape suruh.... keje hotel kan bagus... boleh cuci mata....

mizzmizza said...

sape kater keje hotel bagus? byk yg tak elok dr elok (hehe..saje nk bakar).. jadik cekgu la bagus..ilmu yg di panjangkan boleh jadik bekalan bile dah mati sok.. dah la cik beskot tu byk least ada la bekal nk bawak nnti..

cek beskot.. jgn x tau.. dulu aku score kemahiran hidup tau..pepehal ko tanye kakak ko ni ha.. hahahah..

wkamal2 said...

i setuju kalau kata best kot tu banyak doasa.... memang byk pun ....