Saturday, August 1, 2009

practical training @ TIGS

fuuhhh.. time moved so fast, as I kept counting the days, here I am at 01082009..just completed my practical training yesterday at Temenggong Ibrahim Girls School, Batu Pahat.

3 months I've been at TIGS, sign in at 7.00am (sometimes late,hahha), sign out at about 3.00pm, from Monday to Friday.

Of course, I've learned a lot. Uncountable memories will I keep in my mind, without fail.

Let me share some with u, readers :
1. I've experienced by myself on how the school keep struggling to maintain the reputation of this school as one of the smart school in Malaysia

2. I've learned a lot on electronic and invention (Kemahiran Hidup)

3. I've confronted with the situation where 'bias' were everywhere

4. I've learned to deal with the students from different level (cemerlang,sederhana,lemah)

5. I've learned how to pronounce the chinese students names - wan
qing, wen qing, jia xin, and many more (it's interesting!)

6. AND the best part is, studying the various behaviours of these 14 years old girls.
They are sweet, sensitive, pampered, showing anger whenever they want =). It is fun to share these feelings with them, to watch them being happy and sometimes mourn.

Hope all of them are doing good in their studies and be a successful woman in the future. Insya-Allah

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Anonymous said...

wish you can become a real teacher
as soon as possible!!
we will always remember u!!