Sunday, August 2, 2009

me @ their blogs

hah, so surprised when I browsed one of these girls' blog,
I read my name..
she wrote about me, hah.. written in chinese language..
errrkkk.. lucky, i have jue and inoq to translate them for me, and also
'free online translator'..hihi
when I explored & explored, there were few more.. fuhh..
"sorry girls, teacher read ur blogs without permission, hehe" ..
hmm, i'll be missing them very much and really appreciate all the good wishes from all of them..
hope to see them again =(
*Au Hwi Ni -
cool, obedient and always shows respect
so quiet and never give problems to me during class, lucky to have this girl in my class
*Neo Wan Qing - quiet , humble and soft spoken
really enjoyed working together with this girl on her KH project, love to see her efforts!
(ooo, ngumpat pasal teacher eh, wan qing, ;-)..)
*Rachel Lee - love to smile , smart and obedient
she's always make me waiting when I asked her question, "teacher talked so fast ha?" she needed time to understand me, maybe..=)
* Yong Jun - playful , funny and naughty
she's enjoying her age very much =) ..
put me in danger if she combined her 'naughty skills' with Jun Fang.. haha
*Jia Min - obedient , very warm and always smiling
so friendly , and always make me comfortable when I with her =)


Anonymous said...

Hahaha...cikgu don't angry ya...
Now I regret already lar..

Hwini said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
hwini said...

huhu~~ cikgu, i cool meh??
actually i'm very noisy one~~
so happy coz u still remember us...
keep in touch a!!

Azma said...

hai, cikgu
saya azma ni
blogger cikgu cantik la
saya pun x pandai buat cam tu
apa pun terima kasih bagi penanda buku tu
bila2 viem lah blog saya
(tp banyak sangat ^-^)

JoEyLaI said...

Sorry teacher for giving you troble ya..
happy when they all say u got write about me..
thx for help me paku..
now nobody help me 2 paku ady..
anyway,semoga berjaya..

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

now I stay in touch..

Anonymous said...

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